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Would-be Tory leaders cool their heels Watching for a 'Draft Andy' movement
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Rosemary Speirs Toronto Star
Date: Jan 23, 1988
Start Page: D.6
Section: INSIGHT
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[Andy Brandt] says firmly he'll be very surprised if the executive decides to set the date for a convention. He appears, at this point, to have the support of the majority of the executive, of party headquarters and of Conservative activists. "The party is more than pleased with Andy's performance and content for him to continue," says Brian Hocking, executive director of the party.

Brandt became interim leader by election of the 16 Tory MPPs who managed to hold on to their seats at Queen's Park after the disastrous Sept. 10 election. But [Larry Grossman], who publicly resigned that night, still hasn't sent in his official letter. He's told Brandt he will do so any time Brandt requests. Until then, Grossman legally remains the leader - and rivals who were angered by the choice of Brandt are frustrated of any constitutional recourse.

Brandt appears to have clear sailing until this fall, when the party will hold its annual general meeting. [Tom Long]'s term of office will be up and there could be a sharp challenge to his presidency. But Brandt is considering avoiding that internal strife, too, by recommending the meeting concentrate instead on developing its new constitution and deciding whether to go to a system of direct election for the next leadership.

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