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Sales from ex-Leafs book a $10,000 assist to disabled
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Hudson, Kellie
Date: Dec 8, 1987
Start Page: C.5
Section: SPORTS
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"The games are very important. All over the world, they are bringing the mentally handicapped into the mainstream of life," he said. "Up until the late '60s, mentally handicapped people really weren't in the game. They were either locked away or kept in houses. Now they're part of the game. They're coming off the sidelines."

"[Lanny MacDonald] brings with him a high profile for the Special Olympics," said [Al Bolin]. "He's helped us develop sponsors. He attends all our major events. He works with the athletes, communicating with them as if they were his equal, and they are. They just love him."

"It shook me up because if you don't get those kinds of things checked, it can become very dangerous," said [Darryl Sittler], who lives in New York with his wife and three children. "But everything's great now."

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