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Who's that girl? Madonna-mia!
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Peter Goddard Toronto Star
Date: Jul 3, 1987
Start Page: D.3
Abstract (Document Summary)

4. She's devilishly clever. All the wrong people bought Madonna's Boy Toy gimmick, and for all the wrong reasons. Right from the start she had her enemies identify themselves by complaining about her as an immoral influence. In pop, the moment someone starts saying you're an immoral influence, you've got it made.

5. Boom, boom. Madonna started out - in rock, anyway - as a drummer. Does Whitney Houston know a double paradiddle from a parallelepiped or a parakeet? Well, Madonna Ciccone from Bay City, Mich., knows what a double paradiddle is. And she knows what to do with it.

Photos Madonna on stage for Live Aid (1985); 4 shots on stage during Who's That Girl tour; 'Boy Toy' look (1985); current photo resembling [Marilyn Monroe] pose ; Modonna with Johnny Carson; photos Madonna on covers of Playboy and Penthouse; color photo (Raj Rama for The Toronto Star) Madonna in concert (photo on page D1)

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