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Election call may kill Ontario's information bill All-party agreement sought for vote today
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Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: William Walker Toronto Star
Date: May 19, 1987
Start Page: A.18
Section: INSIGHT
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[Ian Scott] met behind the Speaker's chair on the floor of the Legislature late last Tuesday to reach the agreement, which saw the NDP drop an amendment the government could not tolerate. The hotly debated amendment would have given the freedom-of-information commissioner the power to overrule cabinet ministers on decisions whether to release documents in the case of overwhelming public interest.

Four areas excluded from the public-interest override, under the NDP-Liberal agreement, were cabinet documents, law-enforcement matters, provincial defence information and matters of solicitor- client privilege.

Tory Dick Treleaven, deputy speaker of the Legislature, said it would be unlikely his party would agree to early passage. He said he feels the Liberals and NDP have tried to "railroad" the bill through too quickly.

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