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Cuddly new Canadians
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Greer, Sandy
Date: Mar 7, 1987
Start Page: S.4
Abstract (Document Summary)

Puppeteer Gord Roberton, the extra arm when [Dodi] flies her airplane, is a "crucial person," say Michel Lavoie, executive producer of CBC's Canadian Sesame Street, who overflows with entusiasm about the three new Canadian Muppet characters, Dodi, Basil anbd Louie 'portrayed' respectively by puppeteers Rob Mills, Tom Gosley and Pierre Paquette.

Humor is an element consistently evident in Sesame Street seg- ments. Otter-like Louie, the Francophone Muppet who also speaks English, for example shouts French numbers from Echo Mountain that echo back. Finally, he shouts, "Merci" then hears back, "You're welcome."

Cuddly big bear Basil is the "learning Muppet" who in one segment has difficulty dressing himself. Comedienne Andrea Martin, doing a guest appearance on this particular Sesame Street episode, reassures him that practice makes perfect. Basil wryly notices that she's wearing mismatched socks, one red, one yello.

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