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Honors piling up for the rebel nun
[SU2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Elaine Carey Toronto Star
Date: Jan 25, 1987
Start Page: D.5
Section: PEOPLE
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Rosalie Bertell] virtually stumbled into the whole area of the effects of low level radiation while working as a senior cancer researcher in Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo in the 1960s.

The victims have ranged from the McClure Cres. residents in the Malvern community of Scarborough whose backyards are full of radioactive soil; to the Serpent River Indian band in northern Ontario, living near a sulphuric acid plant; and the residents of the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific, suffering a host of health problems and birth defects caused by nuclear weapons testing.

The book, like most of the work, hasn't earned any money yet. What little there is comes from Bertell's speaking engagements and workshops that keep her travelling the world more than half the time. Her own small salary still comes from the Buffalo agency she helped found and she lives a frugal convent life with the school sisters of Notre Dame, although she is herself a Grey Nun.

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