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Deadly Friend loses its (exploding) head
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Shlomo Schwartzberg Special to The Star
Date: Oct 10, 1986
Start Page: D.17
Abstract (Document Summary)

An appeal board ordered deletion of "all scenes of splattering head and staggering torso" from an exploding-head sequence from Deadly Friend, which opens in Ontario today.

Saskatchewan censors, who also cut movies, ordered the same deletion. Deadly Friend will run uncut in Quebec (age 14 and over), as well as in Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia (Restricted).

The original Ontario panel, which viewed the movie Sept. 3, called for two chops: "Establish girl stabbing man with glass vase, eliminate scene gratuitous blood spraying on girl" and "establish girl throwing basketball and ball just hitting head, and eliminate head exploding on wall and body walking around without a head. Re- establish scene with headless body falling to floor."

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