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Come on up and see my collection of passion fruit
[SAT Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Wicks, Ben
Date: Mar 8, 1986
Start Page: M.2
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LONDON - It was raining again. The crowds that jostled each other as they made their way down Oxford St. hardly gave Stanley Green a second glance. This was hardly surprising. Stanley had stood holding his board in this area for almost twenty years and most people had by now read the message. "Less Lust From Less Protein."

No, no, no. They're not good if you want to get passionate. We're already eating too many of them and that's why we're too passionate. We only have a certain capacity for passion. Our stomachs are only so big. So we've all got to restrict ourselves."

"Right." His eyes suddenly turned upward as he fought for the kind of patience needed to talk to some of the idiots he meets during his working day. "If we have too much passion we have too much lust. If we restrict our intake of the foods I'm telling you about, it will help bring down the feelings of lust."

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