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West German TV soap drowns American hits
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Reuter
Date: Jan 6, 1986
Start Page: D.2
Abstract (Document Summary)

BONN (Reuter) - It was a week in which Fallon vanished and Alexis was accused of murder on Dynasty. But the burning question for West German TV viewers was whether Dr. Brinkmann would propose to Nurse Christa.

Brinkmann and Christa are two leading characters in a soap opera called Schwarzwaldklinik (The Black Forest Clinic), which established itself as a runaway hit in just seven weeks.

A leading TV magazine described Dr. Brinkmann, the head of the clinic, as "the sort of doctor women dream about" and listed his many qualities. Kind to animals, totally without prejudice when operating on a wife-murderer, Brinkmann even pays the hospital bill of a penniless tramp in one episode.

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