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The Shrimp's running a hotel
[SUN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Mitchell Smyth Toronto Star
Date: Sep 29, 1985
Start Page: D.4
Section: PEOPLE
Abstract (Document Summary)

The fashion revolution was under way and right in the forefront was [Jean Shrimpton], a chestnut-haired farmer's daughter from Buckinghamshire, England, who went to London to be a secretary and instead enrolled in modelling school after a photographer told her she had a face the cameras would love.

One day an engaging and handsome man called Michael Cox wandered in to look at the antiques. They got talking and next thing you know Jean Shrimpton is Jean Shrimpton Cox.

Shrimpton, who will be 43 in November, and husband Cox, who's five years younger, have one child, a boy called Thaddeus, " a name we just heard somewhere." He's six now, and Jean insists: "There will be no more children.

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