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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Envisioning a God with a body; The all-knowing, invisible God, we think of today isn't present in early chapters of the Bible, Jewish scholar James Kugel (right) says. Instead, those texts describe a walking, talking deity who travels from place to place
[Final Edition]
The Record - Kitchener, Ont.
Author: Petricevic, Mirko
Date: Mar 31, 2007
Start Page: W.7
Section: FAITH
Abstract (Document Summary)

[James Kugel] also pointed to the story of Samson's mother and father who are visited by a strange man who prophesies Samson's upcoming birth.

"If you (ancient Israelites) believe that, in fact, you had been conquered as an act of punishment for your lack of faithfulness to God's covenant, then your God had to be essentially using the Babylonians as . . . the stick of His wrath," Kugel said.

Rabbi Yosil Rosenzweig, spiritual leader of the Beth Jacob Congregation in Kitchener, said he is struggling with Kugel's observations.

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