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Congregation to host secular humanist leader
Jewish Advocate - Boston
Subjects: Jewish organizations; Judaism; Cultural identity; Seminars
Author: Schwartz, Penny
Date: Nov 20, 2009
Start Page: 2
Pages: 1
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Adam Chalom] described Wine, his mentor, as a brilliant teacher. The charismatic leader was killed in a car accident two years ago while traveling in Morocco. "The moment he died, it changed what we were doing," Chalom said. "We're not selling message and personality, we're selling die message. And we have a lot of personalities."

"I'm excited to work with [Chalom] to create more educational options for secular humanists," [Greg Epstein] said. "He and I bodi envision a not-too-distant future where Boston can be a major destination for education about humanistic Judaism and about what it can mean to be a cultural Jew in the 21st century."

At Kahal B'raira, Chalom will serve as the weekend's resident scholar and lead a seminar Nov. 20-22 called "Whose Judaism Is It? Jewish Inheritance and Modern Judaism."

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