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Seabrook House offers supplies to nonprofits
Daily Journal - Vineland, N.J.
Subjects: Donations; Children & youth; Foster care; Families & family life
Date: Feb 25, 2010
Start Page: n/a
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

The agencies that received donations include Humble Hearts, a Bridgeton-based shelter for homeless women and children; Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention in Bridgeton; A HEART, which assists at-risk infants and caregivers in Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties; TriCounty Community Action Partnership WIC Program in Cumberland County; Hazel's Helping Hands, which makes quilts for children in foster care in Cumberland County; the Center for Family Services, which provides outpatient substance abuse services for mothers, a program for children exposed to domestic violence; and a mother and child residential program.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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