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The Tennessean - Nashville, Tenn.
Subjects: Television programs
Author: Schmitt, Brad
Date: Feb 2, 2003
Start Page: D.5
Section: LIFE
Abstract (Document Summary)

"Can you think of anything more fabulous?" she says with a smile and a flourish of her hands that says "Ta da!" 10:20 a.m. Fresh from having her makeup done and holding court about the Sweet Potato Queens, Rose, with tiara atop her blond locks, sits in the front row in the contestants' room at Acuff Theater. In loud, animated style, Gary O'Brien, Wheel's executive contestant coordinator, welcomes everyone, explains that they'll be taping the Nashville Week shows, and points out - to ooos and ahhs - that a contestant during yesterday's Country Music Stars Week tapings almost won $100,000.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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