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New Age physician: Heal thyself Series: RELIGION
[STATE Edition]
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg, Fla.
Author: Moore, Waveney Ann
Date: Aug 2, 2003
Start Page: 8
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That afternoon also, [Sha]'s audience rose from their seats, filed into the aisles of First Unity's sanctuary and laid hands on each other. They then produced a cacophony of sound that Sha said would aid healing. Also at his behest, several volunteered to stand before the crowd to demonstrate their ability to speak soul language, utterances with no meaning to the untrained ear. To Anita Eubank, though, Sha's assistant teacher, what the soul language speakers said made perfect sense. Closing her eyes, she dreamily translated. She is a former actor and singer who received a spiritual awakening while living in a restored farmhouse she and her then-husband owned in Tuscany.

At Sha's side during his seven-day stay in St. Petersburg was assistant teacher Ms. Eubank. The author of a colorful children's book, The Rainbow of Hope, which has been endorsed by Jack Canfield, one of the creators of the Chicken Soup books, she reads souls as well as translates soul language. She gave individual soul readings and Sha conducted soul healings during their stay in St. Petersburg.

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, 48, demonstrates a group healing July 18 at First Unity Church in St. Petersburg.; Dr. Zhi Gang Sha demonstrated karma cleansings and a group healing during a recent visit to St. Petersburg.; Photo: PHOTO, JAMIE FRANCIS, (2)

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