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General a winner who learned history's lessons
[CITY Edition]
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg, Fla.
Author: Lamb, David
Date: Mar 9, 1991
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Eighteen months ago, before a dinner honoring him in Kuwait, the general's hosts had suggested that appropriate dress would be the traditional dishdasha robe, and he had thought to himself, "Holy smokes, Schwarzkopf is going to dress up like the Kuwaitis and all the Arabs are going to say, `Who the hell does this guy think he is?"'

If Schwarzkopf is not Norman of Arabia, he is at least a soldier with the heart of a romantic, a man intrigued by Arab history and culture and a man who followed his famous father's footsteps through the sands of the Middle East to lead a war that could reshape the world.

Gruff, engaging, sometimes hot-tempered, Schwarzkopf has a presence that fills the room. He is 6-foot-4, 240 pounds, with linebacker shoulders, upper arms as big as tree trunks - and a row of four stars on his collar. He seems to like privates as much as colonels and colonels more than politicians, and he makes his points with a furrowed brow and eyes that hold steady like a laser-guided bomb. No one ever left a meeting with him wondering who was in charge.

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