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[FINAL Edition]
Sun Sentinel - Fort Lauderdale
Author: TOM JICHA TV/Radio Writer
Date: Mar 3, 1998
Start Page: 4.E
Abstract (Document Summary)

NBC's Must See TV formula dictates that children be neither seen nor heard. Minors are more welcome at Century Village. Scan the NBC landscape and the only regular character in prime time who isn't old enough to buy a drink is the baby on Mad About You.

This put the family comedy Something So Right, which has been salvaged by ABC, in a precarious situation. "I think we were an experiment at NBC," executive producer John Peaslee said. Without warning, NBC decided last spring it was a failed experiment. "We were alive and healthy one day and dead as a doornail the next."

Since it didn't seem as if anyone had major problems with the show, there will be only minor changes as it begins its second life on ABC. Jere Burns and Mel Harris are still relative newlyweds Jack and Carly Farrell. Carly has had two failed marriages, Jack one. The children from their previous unions now live with the couple. Jack has a 16-year-old daughter, Nicole. Carly has a son, Will, 15, and a daughter, Sarah, 12. Marne Patterson plays Nicole; Billy L. Sullivan is Will; Emily Ann Lloyd is Sarah.

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