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[Broward Metro Edition]
South Florida Sun - Sentinel - Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Author: Cogdill, Oline H
Date: Aug 20, 2006
Start Page: 20
Section: AE&TV
Abstract (Document Summary)

If this sounds too much like Robin Cook, it's not. Abbott knows how to rein in the pharmaceutical scenes in favor of his unique characters. A former spy for the mob, Miles Kendrick has a new life and identity in Santa Fe, courtesy of the federal witness protection program. His nightmare: He killed his best friend while helping the FBI. Dennis Groote, an ex-FBI agent turned hit man, wants the drug for his traumatized daughter. Celeste Brent received $1 million when she won a Survivor-type reality show. But this minor celebrity developed agoraphobia when her husband was murdered in front of her by a deranged fan.

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