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Downed Apache blown up to keep secrets from Iraq
[3 Edition]
Evening Times - Glasgow (UK)
Date: Mar 25, 2003
Start Page: 8
Abstract (Document Summary)

AMERICAN forces today destroyed the Apache helicopter captured by Iraq during fighting south of Baghdad.

They had been captured after Iraqi forces, with a hail of small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades, had downed two Apache helicopters and damaged 30 others, forcing them back to their base. [Ronald Young Jr] and Williams were captured but rescue teams managed to save the crew of the other Apache.

DESTROYED: an Iraqi farmer waves his AK-47 rifle in front of the captured US Apache attack helicopter just hours before it was destroyed by US forces. Its crewmen - Chief Warrant Officers Ronald Young, 26, left, and David Williams, 30 - were seized by Iraqi troops and paraded on Iraqi TV

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