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I'd get rid of all that loud music LYN COLLINGWOOD Actress
[Final Edition]
Evening Times - Glasgow (UK)
Date: Aug 11, 2006
Start Page: 53
Section: Features
Abstract (Document Summary)

I'd like to spend a proper Saturday night in Bath, strolling around and having a good look at it. The last time I was there I got waylaid because I saw Anne Charleston was in a pantomime and I ended up seeing Mother Goose.

The cast of Journey's End, which I saw at the New Ambassadors Theatre in London earlier this year. I found it one of the most moving nights out. I'm a bit jaded about theatre because I see a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with anything. I'd like to spend a Saturday night with the director of that because it was so truthful and beautifully directed.

I like picnics. We've got a nice harbour beach in Sydney called Nielsen Park. You can walk around the harbour, end up at the park, have a swim then go for a meal.

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