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Take me on trust 'Humbled' Brown pledges open and honest government . . . but Blair says: trust me, I was right
[Final Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Date: May 18, 2007
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Section: News
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He said he was "truly humbled" that so many of his colleagues had nominated him for the party leadership. By the time the nominations had closed yesterday at 12.30pm Mr Brown was nominated by 313 MPs while JohnMcDonnell, the only potential challenger, failed to get the support he needed to reach the final ballot. As he set out his promise of a new tomorrow while implicitly acknowledging the breakdown of trust between Tony Blair's government and the public, Mr Brown declared: "I will strive to earn your trust.

Only a couple of hours after Mr Brown offered his pact to the British electorate from Bloombergs, the US financial information agency in the City of London, Tony Blair stood shoulder to shoulder with US president GeorgeW Bush in the Rose Garden of theWhite House on his final official visit toWashington. Under pressure to explain his relationship with the US president, Mr Blair went on the offensive: "I have taken the view that Britain should stand shoulder to shoulder with America after September 11. I do not regret that, I'm proud of the relationship between our countries."

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