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Andre de Toth; Film-maker lauded as the director's director
[1 Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Pendreigh, Brian
Date: Nov 4, 2002
Start Page: 16
Abstract (Document Summary)

3-D horror House of Wax (1953) and Springfield Rifle (1952) may be familiar, but Dark Waters (1944), Pitfall (1948), and Play Dirty (1968) have not had the recognition they deserve. "[Andre de Toth] is an unsung hero," wrote Martin Scorsese, "appreciated over the years by those who make movies . . . a directors' director."

De Toth was born Sasvrai Farkasfawi Tothfalusi Toth Endre Antai Mihaly in Hungary, shortly before the First World War. The exact year is uncertain. His father was a hussar who imparted a valuable early lesson about humanity. "Don't hurt people, because you won't be able to sleep," he told his son. "Don't hurt them, kill them."

He married Veronica Lake in 1944 and she starred in Ramrod (1947). It was the first in a series of westerns. De Toth won an Oscar nomination for the script of The Gunfighter (1950), the tragedy of a gunslinger who cannot escape his past, though he disowned it when the lead role went to Gregory Peck rather than Gary Cooper.

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