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Ready, steady, go
[1 Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Compiled by Beth Pearson and||||||Collignon, Fabienne
Date: Aug 3, 2002
Start Page: 8
Abstract (Document Summary)

Brands such as Dr Martens and Birkenstock (yes, they make more than just hippie sandals) have been using polyurethane, ethyl vinyl acetate and other synthetic materials for some time, but, unfortunately, shoes like these aren't exactly available on every street corner. We've found that the best way to track them down is through a few useful

Visit and you'll find that they list a whole range of shops, virtual and otherwise, that stock non-leather shoes. These cater for all active lifestyles, with ranges of outdoor boots, athletic shoes and trainers.

With a soft fabric finish for comfort and adjustable straps for wrists and ankles, the Reebok strap-on weights are compact, flexible and bright. They are available in 0.5kg or 1kg sets of two, for different levels of fitness or ambition, priced (pounds) 12.99 and (pounds) 14.99, respectively.

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