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No point in trying to be something you're not
[1 Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Jamieson, Teddy
Date: Mar 30, 2002
Start Page: 12
Abstract (Document Summary)

Writers like the veteran American novelist [John Barth]. Since the publication of his first novel The Floating Opera in 1956, Barth, who will be 72 this year, has been resolutely postmodern in his approach.

It doesn't help that Barth seems to be fighting old battles. Surely not even the widest-eyed of techno-zealots would still suggest that electrons are going to replace ink and paper in the near future? But more than that, there's something a little irritating (dare I say embarrassing) about the writing on display here. Try this: "So hi ho again, Readerino mio! And hey: Thanks a bunch for booting Yrs Truly up instead of out; for clicking himon, repaging him - whatever 'twas Y'all must've just now up & done, or we wouldn't be left-to-righting here again together, would we now?"

There is something ridiculously mannered about this. It's hard to read and harder to want to read. Stylistically speaking at least, Barth has lost the plot. Prolonged exposure to this particular "pissing contest" just left me wanting to tell Barth to parse off.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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