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New party plans to sell Holyrood, cut tax and MSPs
[2 Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Settle, Michael||||||Chief political||||||correspondent
Date: Mar 12, 2003
Start Page: 10
Abstract (Document Summary)

BRITAIN'S newest party plans to sell off the (pounds) 325m Holyrood parliament building, offer a 3p tax cut to Scottish voters, and more than halve the number of Scotland's 250-plus parliamentarians.

Its plans for constitutional change are especially striking. A spokesman told The Herald the SPA planned to tear up the current arrangement of 129 MSPs, 72 Scottish MPs, and 50 or so Scottish peers. In their place would be just 112 Scottish parliamentarians, 56 from the Commons and 56 from an all-elected Lords.

As for the Holyrood parliament building due to be officially opened later this year, the SPA would see it as a commercial asset and sell it to the highest bidder. Scottish parliamentarians would find a new home in Edinburgh but would also rent accommodation in places like Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness to make the parlia-ment truly mobile.

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