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Zetters pools purchase adds to Littlewoods operation
[1 Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Bain, Simon
Date: Aug 15, 2002
Start Page: 23
Abstract (Document Summary)

Zetters, one of the original big names in football pools, has sold its pools business to rival Littlewoods.

Sportech, owner of the Littlewoods gaming and betting brands, has paid (pounds) 1.35m in a deal which will add 60,000 customers to Littlewoods' 1.2 million, in a market which is in steady decline.

Zetters, about to be renamed IFX following its acquisition of market-maker IFX and spread- betting company Financial Spreads, will promote the Littlewoods Bet Direct service to its 10,000 financial betting customers. It will also be able to promote the IFX service to the 260,000 customers of Bet Direct, Littlewoods' online service.

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