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Fight moves to court as fox hunting is banned; MSPs refuse to give any compensation for lost livelihoods
[3 Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Murray Ritchie and robbie dinwoodie
Date: Feb 14, 2002
Start Page: 1
Abstract (Document Summary)

CENTURIES of rural tradition were ended by the Scottish Parliament last night when MSPs voted to criminalise fox-hunting and other allegedly cruel sports - without compensating those whose livelihoods are threatened.

After two years of acrimonious debate across the nation, the issue came down to seven hours of technical procedure and a final emotional flourish from the pro-hunt lobby at Holyrood before MSPs decided by 83 to 36, with five abstentions, to approve the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill.

Ignoring complaints that the parliament was delivering an assault on rural Scotland, Labour back benchers failed to back Jack McConnell and other ministers by rejecting an executive-supported compensation plan from Karen Gillon (Labour, Clydesdale) for a reported 300 rural workers facing financial loss. One unofficial estimate said the cost would have been less than (pounds) 200,000.

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