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go busi; ness class
[1 Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Justin Ryan & Colin McAllister
Date: Aug 12, 2000
Start Page: 12
Abstract (Document Summary)

When investment fund manager Scott Campbell was lost for ideas for his home, he did the sensible thing: waved the white flag In our book, there's nothing to beat a spot of honesty and sharing the afternoon with Scott Campbell at his central Glasgow home, we get a refreshing dose. As the 34-year-old sits on a tribal print sofa in his split-level living room, he surveys his home and, almost shuddering, says: "If I'd tried to do all this myself it could have gone so wrong."

As the main room has picture windows on two elevations (and is overlooked by offices during the day), [Carol Yates] ensured privacy by incorporating wooden blinds into her design. Pursuing this Colonial feel, the timber slats provide a perfect foil for an ochre and warm red scheme that envelopes the room. An unusual but none the less attractive feature is the strangely shaped ceiling, the result of concealing pipe work. At one end of the living room are a pair of brightly coloured tribal masks. Elsewhere a console table is home to an intricately crafted Buddha.

Caption: A machine for living in: the kitchen, top, and the main living area proclaim their functionality. Given Campbell's jet- setting, he needed a home that required little maintenance while he was working in New York; after many years spent living out of hotel rooms, it may seem ironic that Campbell's own bedroom resembles in shape and content a top-flight hotel, right; Campbell in front of his bamboo "wedding cabinet", top right; Nbeli tribe mask from Oxfam, right

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