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Moran leads a Himalayan epic
[1 Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Prentice, Tom
Date: Jun 20, 1998
Start Page: 14
Abstract (Document Summary)

''As all the British summitters have stopped just short of the summit I abided by the tradition," Pratt said. "However, everyone except the British and Indians have ignored this and the summit had been well and truly stomped on by the five Japanese and the three Italians who had summitted a few days before via the South Face." Towards the end of May, the ascent of Everest by American-based, one-footed Welshman Tom Whittaker made headlines around the world, and rightly so. Whittaker, 49, who lost his right foot in a car smash, made it to the roof of the world on his third attempt, accompanied by four Sherpa and a cameraman. However, it was clearly touch and go. Earlier in the expedition he had been forced to return to base camp from the South Col after showing signs of pulmonary oedema.

Joining 40-year-old Harrison on the summit was fellow Briton Jonathan Pratt, who has now climbed the highest five peaks in the world and looks in a commanding position to take on Alan Hinkes in his attempt to be the first Briton up the big 14. Unfortunately, [Ginnette Harrison]'s American husband Gary Pfisterer, who was also on the team, had to turn back 200m from the summit.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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