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Journey heading for the unknown
[1 Edition]
The Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Prentice, Tom
Date: May 9, 1998
Start Page: 14
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Martin Moran] explains: "I first read about Shipton and [Bill Tilman]'s epic in an extract from one of Shipton's books. Entitled "The Bamboo Valley" it was one of those eye-opening reads where you just read this story which you don't expect to go anywhere special and suddenly it turns into this big epic and leaves an incredible impression.

Moran continues: "In 1935 Shipton and Tilman found the icefall difficult and if the glaciers have retreated since then as we would guess they have, that's not going to make things any easier. Shipton mentions a rock buttress on one side which they had to avoid because they had no equipment, but we might be able to abseil down it instead.

The final word on their journey must go to the reported words of Shipton and Tilman, probably apocryphal, but entertaining none the less. On the final day they climbed a ridge and glimpsed a village. The porters were joyous. Tilman greeted the sight with a dry comment of the sort for which he was well known: "We shall be down for tea," to which Shipton simply stuttered: "Thank heaven for that."

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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