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New Party: we'll scrap Holyrood
[3 Edition]
Sunday Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Exclusive By Douglas Fraser||||||Political Editor
Date: Jan 19, 2003
Start Page: 1
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Robert Durward]'s party plans to abolish the Scottish parliament and halt the building of its Holyrood home. He is commissioning an opinion poll in the hope that its result will put sufficient pressure on the government so that an additional option is put on the May 1 ballot paper "that the Scottish parliament be suspended".

Durward, owner of Cloburn Quarry between Lanark and Biggar, last week sent several Scottish business people a letter "in strictest confidence", asking for their support in ditching devolution, with a set of policies designed to tap into the public mood against politics and politicians. He told the Sunday Herald that the message is aimed particularly at older people, that the party is gaining strong support - particularly in London, the Home Counties and Midlands - but that he expects not to be a candidate in the Scottish elections.

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