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Record editor moves ... but only as far as Glasgow's south side
[1 Edition]
Sunday Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Date: Apr 25, 1999
Start Page: 22
Abstract (Document Summary)

Meanwhile [Martin Clarke]'s old boss, deposed Mirror Group chief executive David Montgomery, is reported to be putting together a bid for Express Newspapers. Perhaps Clarke could rent him the bunker in his mansion to put together battle plans. Fevered journalistic minds would then have Clarke emerging as Express editorial supremo ready to wage war on his old mates at the Mail. Just a thought.

The Times has had a presence in Scotland for some time now, of course, but the Telegraph recently appointed London-based executive Seamus Potter to be their Scottish champion. He describes himself as a "space bandit", grabbing vital column centimetres for his Scottish coverage. The elusive Mr Potter, however, could not confirm my informant's tale. He phoned the paper's London office and asked for the person in charge of the new Scottish edition. The switchboard duly obliged and a voice on the other end of the line eventually replied: "Hello, foreign desk".

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