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Make way for Mr Angry
[3 Edition]
Sunday Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Billen, Andrew||||||interview
Date: Dec 19, 1999
Start Page: 3
Abstract (Document Summary)

[George MacDonald Fraser]'s latest [Harry Paget Flashman] novel, Flashman and the Tiger (HarperCollins, #16.99), is available now Author of the popular and acclaimed Flashman novels, George MacDonald Fraser was born in Carlisle on April 2 1925. While a boy, his family moved to Scotland. Fraser saw active duty from 1943 to 1947 in Burma and the Middle East. His subsequent journalistic career brought him to the post of deputy editor of The Glasgow Herald. Fraser's first novel,Flashman (1969), related the uproarious adventures of the character originated by Thomas Hughes in "Tom Brown's Schooldays" (1857). Now living on the Isle of Man, Fraser's latest book is Flashman and the Tiger (Harper Collins, #16.99).

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