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Plod devices; A new crime drama looks set to earn its stripes, but put that down to the stars rather than their hi-tech tactics
[3 Edition]
Sunday Herald - Glasgow (UK)
Author: Virtue, Graeme
Date: Mar 25, 2001
Start Page: 46
Abstract (Document Summary)

The callous strategy has thrown up some good stuff (a brand-new Silent Witness, a welcome repeat of Clive Owen's spooky myopic- copper drama Second Sight) and some terrifically bad stuff (did anyone really buy Stephen Tompkinson and Nick Berry as hard-as-nails undercover rozzers in In Deep?) but thankfully, they've chosen to end all this pic'n'nicked nonsense on a reasonably high note.

It's questionable how closely this fictionalised NCS resembles the real-life outfit - would you put Keith "Duty Free" Barron in charge of your FBI? - but there is something that raises it above your usual procedural plod-plod police drama.

Barron - as Superintendent Bob Beausoleil - is the new Branch Commander, but it's really Detective Inspector John Borne, coolly played by David Suchet, who runs the show. So when the mother of a lady police inspector is abducted by dangerous sexual freakoid Ricky Valesi (Kenneth Cranham), the man they used to call Poirot ensures that it's all-hands-on-those-neat-phones-that-trace-the-kidnapper when things start to kick off.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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