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Review: Pie Face pizzas, thin and inventive, reach a new high
Reno Gazette - Journal - Reno, Nev.
Subjects: Pizza
Author: Wright, Johnathan L
Date: Apr 6, 2011
Start Page: n/a
Section: LIV
Abstract (Document Summary)

Yes, skinny jeans and scruff, knit caps and tats are in plentiful supply at Pie Face, but there's none of that off putting, "cool kids" smugness you find at a few other new Reno spots. [...] really, what does hipster matter when you overhear the young, twenty-something staff wax rhapsodic over fashioning meatballs, inspired toppings or the perfect crust? [...] when things are quieter, order counter staffers are happy to chat about meatball techniques or the right prosciutto or the timeline for the installation of a fryer to make possible the Monte Crispo, a rotisserie chicken, prosciutto and red onion slice that's battered, deep fried and served with powdered sugar and jam.

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