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Eugene's contingent shrinking
The Register - Guard - Eugene, Or.
Author: Ron Bellamy / The Register-Guard
Date: Jun 20, 2003
Start Page: C.1
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They lived and trained in Eugene, or had done so at some point. They were former Ducks, who had stayed home to train, or athletes who had come to Eugene because it was still clearly the Track Capital of the United States, the legacy of Athletics West still strong, the list of active elite coaches relatively long.

The void left by the retirement of [Lance Deal], the silver medalist in the hammer throw in the 1996 Olympics, and by the dispersal of other athletes, such as Suzy Favor Hamilton, who trained in Eugene, has never seemed so huge. Even Maria Mutola, the Springfield High grad from Mozambique, has moved to South Africa to train, in part to avoid allergies, though she continues to be coached by local coach Margo Jennings.

So, for Eugene, the compelling stories here can be found in the emerging pole vault stars, [Becky Holliday] and Sandy High School's Tommy Skipper, and in the concurrent Junior Championships, with young Ducks like [Jordan Kent] and Eric Mitchum, athletes who one day might keep Eugene on the map.

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