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Pursuit of 'magic' keeps Krall going as an artist
The Register - Guard - Eugene, Or.
Author: Serena Markstrom The Register-Guard
Date: Aug 3, 2007
Start Page: E.11
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"I never go up there and say, 'I've got it. I've got it down,' ' she said during a brief phone conversation from the road. "I'm always a bit frightened when I go up. Not frightened, but I'm not dug in.

Her latest release, "From This Moment On," captures the blissful completeness her life now has. (She's married to Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Elvis Costello, with whom she recorded an album.) On 'Moment,' she sticks to standards such as "It Could Happen to You" and "I Was Doing Alright."

"It's constantly trial and error and maturity and trust and intuition and listening to a million singers," she said. "It's more than just teaching yourself to sing and about theory. It's bigger than that.

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