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Autistic artist has first solo show at Williams College Art Museum *Jessica Park's attention to detail is typical of her disability. But the sudden flights of fancy that have brought her paintings critical acclaim are pure artistry.
[ALL Edition 1]
Providence Journal - Bulletin - Providence, R.I.
Author: Associated Press
Date: Aug 6, 1995
Start Page: B.05
Abstract (Document Summary)

Ask this autistic artist why she unexpectedly made some bricks the colors of the rainbow, and she'll say: "because it made it more beautiful."

Almost surreal in their precision, her geometric renderings of the reassuring, fixed objects in her life - buildings, railroad crossings, space heaters, thenight sky - have intrigued and attracted dozens of buyers. Undaunted by her mental disorder, some have even commissioned her works, which fetch up to $500.

Park's older sister, Rachel, said she believes her autistic sister paints partly for the security of a world that she can control. "For someone who's quite tense a lot of the time, I would say thatintense concentration is relaxing, almost like a meditation," she said.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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