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Caring for a sibling with developmental disabilities can be a lifetime commitment
The Post - Crescent - Appleton, Wis.
Subjects: Siblings; Children & youth
Author: Anderson, Cheryl
Date: Jan 20, 2012
Start Page: n/a
Section: APC
Abstract (Document Summary)

A big reason the transition was easier for Ketter and her parents was the knowledge Baldwin gained two years ago attending Future is Now, a program for adults concerned about the future of their adult siblings with disabilities that's offered by the Fox Valley Sibling Support Network. What are we going to do about our siblings' future, Baldwin said. "[...] how do we make sure we do the best thing for them?" Seventy-five percent of adults with developmental disabilities live with their parents, according to FVSSN executive director Harriet Redman.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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