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[FINAL Edition]
Orlando Sentinel - Orlando, Fla.
Author: Burnett, Richard
Date: Jul 6, 2002
Start Page: C.1
Section: MONEY
Abstract (Document Summary)

Getting better. Consumer advocates say Kane's, which had 289 complaints statewide in the past 3 years, has improved its track record recently. RED HUBER/ORLANDO SENTINEL leather sofa CHART: COMPLAINTS Kane's has amassed the highest number of consumer complaints of any furniture retailer in the Better Business Bureau's 11-county Central Florida region. Here's how the company compared with other well- known furniture outlets between May 1999 and May 2002. Name Stores Complaints Kane's Furniture 8 134 Rooms To Go 11 76 Rhodes Furniture 9 31 Furniture Smart* 2 17 Aaron's Country Store 3 8 Saxon Clark 2 3 Slone Brothers 2 3 Robb & Stucky 1 1 Ethan Allen 2 0 * Furniture Smart opened in June 2001 and closed in March 2002. SOURCE: Better Business Bureau of Central Florida BOX: TIPS FOR SHOPPERS TIPS FOR SHOPPERS: Decide while still at home what you want, what level of quality you desire, what you can afford and what manufacturers you're most interested in. Read ads, go online, consult Consumer Reports and read other articles about furniture. Beware of false sales promotions. Be sure to read the store's policy on replacing and/or repairing defective furniture. At delivery, inspect the furniture before you sign a receipt. SOURCE: Better Business Bureau of Central Florida

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