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[METRO Edition]
Orlando Sentinel - Orlando, Fla.
Author: Automotive News
Date: Nov 26, 1998
Start Page: F.2
Abstract (Document Summary)

VITZNAU, Switzerland - It cruises easily at 140 mph on the autobahn, but the redesigned Mercedes-Benz S class will struggle to stay ahead of competitors in the technology race.

On an introductory drive of the new S class through Switzerland, executives said the merger with Chrysler Corp. will not stop them from positioning Mercedes-Benz as a leader in cutting-edge innovations.

The W220, as Mercedes has code-named the 2000 model-year S class, is crammed with electric devices and gadgets. A fully optioned model has no fewer than 124 electric motors and 3,000 electrical connectors (compared with about 60 motors and 4,000 connectors in the current S class). When it goes on sale in Europe and Japan in December and in the United States next March, the S class will introduce the market to several new features.

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