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New York Post - New York, N.Y.
Date: Aug 25, 2005
Start Page: 010
Section: Page Six
Abstract (Document Summary)

OPENLY gay former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey might be facing some awkward competition for his upcoming ReganBooks memoir. We hear McGreevey's ex-boytoy, Golan Cipel - the Israeli-born aide whom the governor branded a blackmailer before he resigned in disgrace last year - is working on his own tell-all. Our spies in Fire Island, where McGreevey recently attended a Lambda Legal Defense Fund benefit, say he's telling pals that he's worried about Cipel's rumored tome. "He thinks itmight contain graphic stuff about their sexual encounters," says our mole. Meanwhile, McGreevey is said to be house-hunting in the pricey enclave of Fire Island Pines for a place with "the biggest pool he can find." And why not? McGreevey seemed to get along swimmingly with other gay clubgoers during a recent night out at the Pines Pavilion disco, though we hear he's not a very good dancer. "He kept stepping on everyone's feet," snickered a spy.

FUNNYMAN Vince Vaughn may not be as nice as he seems. The frat- boy icon, who shot to A-list stardom this year with the success of "Wedding Crashers," and is now cuddling up to Jennifer Aniston during the filming of "The Break Up," has been dropped by his longtime public relations firm, the powerful I/D PR. One insider said, "Vince was being abusive." A partner at I/D PR confirmed that Vaughn was dumped but added, "There is no truth to your negative portrayal of Vince. We continue tohave an amicable relationship and wish him continued success." Vaughn's reps at United Talent Agency didn't return calls.

SPLITSVILLE couple Eddie Murphy and wife Nicole sure aren't wasting any time getting back to their solo lives. Both have been publicly flaunting their newly-single status since Nicole filed for divorce earlier this month after 12 years of marriage. The stunning former model has been spotted around L.A. with a tall, mysterious banker named Alan - and sources say they were an item before the split was announced. The lovebirds made the scene at Ivy at the Shore last week, then hit Makai in Santa Monica, where Nicole reportedly keeps an apartment. Our spywitness reports: "She was at a table with three other people, and was all over him. They danced and then started going at it." Eddie, meanwhile, showed up at L.A. hotspot Cabana for a Skyy vodka-sponsored Maxim bash, where the "Shrek" star showered attention on Mike Tyson's ex-wife, Robin Givens, in a private cabana. An indignant rep for Murphy scoffed to PAGE SIX, "I find it highly unlikely that Eddie Murphy was at a Maxim magazine party."

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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