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New York Post - New York, N.Y.
Date: Jan 9, 2003
Start Page: 010
Section: Page Six
Abstract (Document Summary)

"SOPRANOS" tough guy Joe Pantoliano blames his disastrous family reunion at an Italian restaurant in Hoboken on party crashers. Hoboken Fire Dept. Capt. Frank Palmisano, nephew of Anthony's Cafe owner Pete Palmisano, told us last week Pantoliano collected $50 each from his 100 guests, then ducked out the door still owing about $1,000. But Pantoliano says he and cousins Chicky Centrella and Pat DeRiso paid for family members, and split only after dozens of freeloaders bugged him for autographs. "Our host Pete Palmisano had leaked word of the gathering, and there was nobody working the door when his uninvited patrons, pretending to be family, tactlessly barged into the private affair," Pantoliano tells us. "Chicky and Pat rightfully refused to pay for all of these crumbs who proceeded to hound me for photos and autographs to the point that I could no longer stay there and enjoy time with my relatives . . . Chick stayed behind to settle the bill . . . And be sides, what the [bleep] was Capt. Frank Palmisano doing at our family reunion? As far as I know, the joint wasn't on fire." An Anthony's staffer confirmed Pantoliano's bill was settled.

TOP fashion photographer Terry Richardson has a new muse. The lucky lensman is dating Elite model Susan Eldridge (above), whom he shot for the upcoming Eres lingerie and Sisley campaigns. But alluring Eldridge should be careful. Richardson's ex-wife, former model Nikki Uberti, once portrayed him as a heartless cad in a short film called "Faux Pas," which used live cats and stuffed animals to re-enact actual events in their marriage. Everyone parties too much, and when Uberti's character comes down with cancer, Richardson's character deserts her. In real life, Richardson left Uberti and took up with model Shalom Harlow.

AGING action star Steven Seagal is suing a Berlin man who rented him a villa there and claiming he's the victim of an extortion plot by the German mafia. Segal - who's also fighting a $60 million breach of contract suit in Staten Island filed by his allegedly mobbed-up ex-partner, Jules Nasso - filed a complaint in L.A. Superior Court against Edeltrud Vorderwuhlbecke, who rented Seagal a house for the filming of the bomb "Half Past Dead" with Ja Rule, reports thes mokinggun.com. Seagal claims that Vorderwuhlbecke, along with members of the German mob and "other nefarious underworld figures," threatened to assault him and destroy his "reputation in the movie industry." After Seagal vacated the property, he says the thugs claimed he'd damaged the digs and demanded compensation or else. As a result, Seagal says, he has suffered "severe anxiety, emotional distress, humiliation and mortification," and wants unspecified damages.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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