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A Familiar Whiff Of Guns and Gore In `Dalton II'
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Drew Fetherston
Date: May 10, 1986
Start Page: 11
Section: PART II
Abstract (Document Summary)

IF YOU'RE planning to watch "Dalton: Code of Vengeance, II" (9 p.m.tomorrow, WNBC/4) just for the action, there's some good news: Youdon't have to suffer through all two hours of this claptrap to see the good stuff. Most of the action, which is all that this NBC stinker has to offer, is reprised under the final credits. Tune in at about 10:50 p.m. and see the major kick the wimpy beach bum in the chest. See the landmine hurl the careless cop into the swamp. See our hero drop two bad guys by pinching their necks. See the Peace Float go up with a roar.

So [Dalton] and his old commander face off in the swamp. Then a funny thing happens. There is a rather long segment showing battle scenes. It has nothing whatever to do with what's happening in "Dalton," and it is never explained.

The only thing that is clear about "Dalton: Code of Vengeance, II" is why it exists at all. Last June, NBC showed "Code of Vengeance," with the same central hero, and 35 percent of the American households that had their television sets on tuned in. That worked out to about 17 million sets, a handsome and profitable number. The feeling at NBC is that perhaps those viewers, like the major, will find themselves unable to give up old bad habits.

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