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Junk Mail Grows in the Groves of Academe
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: By Jane Wingate. Jane Wingate is a free-lance writerfrom Columbia, Md.
Date: Nov 2, 1986
Start Page: 11
Section: IDEAS
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Scholastic Aptitude Test, a sort of younger sibling to the SAT, andthe first test foisted off on college-bound kids by The College Board, a.k.a. The Princeton Boys. The board is that megabucks scam outfit that, for sensational profit, peddles the tests the taking of which educators hold over our kids' heads as a requisite for entrance into the Illustrious Halls of Academe.

"Su-uure," my son said. "Wow, dig this!" He flashed a picture of New College: gleaming white Spanish-looking buildings sitting smack on a dreamy turquoise and violet Florida waterway. I wish I'd known about New College when I was casting about for my hallowed halls.

The other nifty pitch was from a college that sent just a postcard showing a strapping blond lad pitching hay bales, his denimed back to us, a red bandanna around his forehead, looking not unlike a youthful Robert Redford. This against a gorgeous Rocky Mountain High background straight out of John Denver Enterprises. Deep Springs, the place called itself, a two-year college "with an enrollment of only twenty-four students."

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