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Spirits move them, Ghost hunters reach out to 'the other side'- and not just on Halloween
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Oct 29, 2006
Start Page: G.04
Section: LI LIFE
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Photos By John Griffin - 1) [Joseph Flammer] and [Diane Hill] use digital and infrared cameras, a crystal pendulum, a dowsing rod and intuition in their search for the supernatural. The team - married to other people - met in the poetry aisle of a bookshop in Stony Brook. 2) Diane Hill uses a pendulum, Joseph Flammer a camcorder to see if spirit activity is present in the Akner household. 3) The study team braved the inside of the Lena Avenue home to document the presence of "[Rose]," the home's "matriarch." 4) Photo by Joseph Flammer - A Hempstead gravestone on which the paranormal adventurers say they captured a specter's face. 5) Photo by John Griffin -Members of the Paranormal Activities Study Team talk to homeowner [Daniel Akner], left, in the parlor of his Freeport home, purchased seven Halloweens ago. CH; BY THE NUMBERS (see end of text); THE ghost HUNTERS They haunt the places spirits might roam in the hopes the phantoms are friendly

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