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Hopes for in vitro test, Doctors examine egg-freezing technique after woman gives birth and two others pregnant in NYU study
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Aug 1, 2005
Start Page: A.31
Section: NEWS
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New York infertility doctors are perfecting a technique for freezing human eggs, a feat that has been fraught with difficulties because eggs are far more complex than sperm.

[Jamie Grifo]'s lab has been experimenting with new egg-freezing techniques. A woman's eggs are fragile, with cellular machinery that has made it extremely difficult to freeze and thaw, and still maintain, the integrity of the egg.

Italy has been at the forefront of such research because of laws governing infertility procedures there. Only three eggs can be used at one time, so Italian doctors freeze the rest. Grifo and his colleagues visited the AIRA clinic in Bologna, where Dr. Eleanora Porcu is perfecting an egg-freezing program.

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