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A medley of Madonna makeovers
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Jun 13, 2004
Start Page: C.15
Section: FANFARE
Abstract (Document Summary)

The controversy: The video for "Justify My Love" featured [Madonna] in the middle of a sex hotel, watching or participating in bisexuality, S&M and other sexual exploits. MTV deemed it too racy to be shown. Madonna distributed the clip as a rare video single and sold more than 250,000 at $9.98 apiece.

The controversy: Oh, where to begin. "Erotica" was released as the companion to Madonna's "Sex" book, or vice versa, but all the talk was about "Sex." The book featured Madonna naked while eating pizza, naked while hitchhiking in Miami, naked while cavorting with Vanilla Ice. "Sex" upset all sorts of people - those against nudity, those against sex and, perhaps most damaging to Madonna's fan base, those against Vanilla Ice.

The controversy: Madonna herself yanked the original video for "American Life" because its anti-war message became obsolete after the United States invaded Iraq. The clip, which included Madonna hurling a grenade at a George W. Bush look- alike, only to have the pre- tend president use it to light a cigar, was never shown.

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