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The Tupelo Hunter, Daniel Karpen is looking for the Islands oldest trees
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Jul 18, 2004
Start Page: G.06
Section: LI LIFE
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Newsday Photos / Daniel Goodrich - 1) [Daniel Karpen], tramping through the Massapequa Preserve and, 2) right, in his signature clogs, says he can tell the age of black tupelo trees by their bark patterns. 3) A black tupelo that Karpen thinks is over 300 years old. 4)The trees on preserves are safe, but Karpen also hopes to save those not on protected land. Newsday Photos / Bryn Nelson - 5) Karpen surveys a wooded area near his house in Lloyd Harbor. 6) Surrounded by walnut seedlings, Karpen cracks a black walnut with the back of an ax on his living room floor.; Tree man Daniel Karpen is on a mission - to find and save the Island's oldest black tupelos Newsday's Daniel Goodrich took the picture. - Karpen takes the measure of a tree in Massapequa Preserve.

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