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CARDS FOR ASIANS, Here's looking at you, kids
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Mar 29, 2004
Start Page: A.25
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Great ExpectAsians, which Villajuan runs out of her Midtown home, has about 300 online orders, and her cards are carried at Gifted, a Manhattan card store on Seventh Avenue near Bleeker Street. Villajuan said she's talking to a couple of other stores interested in selling the cards, which feature photographs of Victoria and other Asian-American children. Villajuan and her husband, Ramon Gil, a graphic designer, and professional photographer Rosa Urmaza photograph the child models, who are found through friends. Then they design the cards on a computer and send the designs out to be printed. Villajuan selects the pictures and writes the greetings.

Photo by Marvi Lacar - Glenda Villajuan of Manhattan has Great ExpectAsians: Her line of greeting cards featuring the faces of Asian-American children aims to appeal to the Asian-American market.

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